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Learning and Growing Together

We are all looking to add tools to our toolbox, whether for communication in romantic relationships, parenting, or understanding ourselves. Talley has a wealth of experience conducting seminars. She has globally presented on the following topics to support parents and community members;

•  Parenting

•  Early Childhood Developmental Milestones

•  Adolescent Development and Connection

•  Supporting Your Child in University & Career Planning

•  Family Communication

•  Healthy Relationships

•  Addiction

•  Recognizing Depression, Anxiety & Grief 

•  Managing Stress With Mindfulness and Solution Focused Strategies

•  Cultural Norms of an International School

•  Communicating Effectively with your Child's School

•  Homeopathic Remedies-Making Your Own Essential Oil Products for Yourself and Others

•  More…

Individual Fees Apply based upon time commitment.

Q&A Seminar
People During Workshop
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