What hours are you available?

Because I work with families through skype from around the world, and work in homes, I have no set work hours. Please contact me for an appointment time that will suit you

My teenager really needs to talk with someone, but they are embarrassed others will know.

It is common for teens to feel shy about getting help. Clearly Sage offers such a broad scope of services, someone could be seeing me because they are gifted, are determining future goals for study, or are interested in aromatherapy. The same is true for adults. Teenagers find there is no stigma in seeing me, and all information is kept confidential.

Must appointments be paid in advance?

For services you will be invoiced after the service is provided. You may either pay by bank transfer or by credit card on the site. I do not bill directly to insurance companies. For products you may pay at the time of ordering or after delivery.

Can these appointments be reimbursed by my workplace or insurance?

It depends on the plan you have, but for many expats educational and mental health expenses that are recommended by their physical or mental health professional are reimbursed.

Do you conduct diagnostic testing?

Many times in life we may feel sad, overwhelmed, anxious, or just need someone to talk with. Additionally, your child may develop a habit or go through a phase that is making their life hard. In these cases we address your concerns together without a formal psychological evaluation. If diagnostic testing is needed, I will refer you to other mental health professionals or physicians. I then interpret evlauations and recommendations from diagnosticians and follow them to support your child.

How do home visits work?

Home visits are a very common model in the United States. I will simply come to the home and work with your family. This is especially effective for small children because they are most comfortable at home, and I get to see their environment and what they enjoy. Please do not prepare any refreshments or worry about the house being tidy.

How do in-school services work?

You will make a request to the school your child attends for me to come in and see them. I will work with the school to gain permission and a space to work. Agreements are already in place with some area schools.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, you will be charged full fee if you cancel within 24 hours of an appointment.

Do you work in languages other than English?

No, though I am very comfortable working through an interpreter if you would like to provide someone in this role.

I am not sure if your services are a fit for my family -- can we talk about it?

Yes, Please feel free to email or call to discuss service options and we can determine if Clearly Sage Advice is right for you.

If you or a family member are experiencing acute psychological distress such as suicidal thoughts, seek emergency psychiatric services immediately.