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Clearly Sage Advice & Organics Founder and Director


Talley Sjoberg-Varney has been in education for 23 years, working in positions ranging from Early Childhood Coordinator to Counselor to IB Psychology Educator. From the United States, she has worked in US Public Schools in both urban and rural areas throughout North America. She holds a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and a Masters Degree in Social Work. She is also a licensed Educational Consultant through IECA. Talley has published curriculum regarding Supporting the Immigrant Work Force, developed University Counseling Curriculum in addition to content for Early Childhood Centers. She is also a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist.

My Story 

I grew up in the United States. After graduating from Gannon University in Pennsylvania in1996, I taught on the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. I then moved to Thailand to teach at an international school.       

I returned home to become a VISTA volunteer in Minneapolis, and while attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota, I worked as a research assistant. Following graduation, I lived for six years on the Navajo Nation in Arizona working as a counselor and social worker. 

Talley Sjoberg-Varney - Educational Consultant

After marrying my husband, we moved overseas and have

worked in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, then in Shenzhen, China,

and now we live with our two children in Bratislava, Slovakia.

I gave birth to both of my children in Hong Kong. Living overseas as a young single woman, and now as a wife and mother, I am intimately familiar with the joys of being an expat. I also know the worry, the concern, the loneliness, and the desire to find effective help when it is needed.

After eight years of working as a teacher and counselor in Slovakia, I opened a private practice to offer specific advice and support in emotional health, university planning, educational advocacy and homeopathic care. I value confidentiality, discretion and safety above all else. I am excited to work with individuals and families to have the best experience possible and to calmly move forward. 

1996 Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Gannon University, Pennsylvania, USA

2001 Masters Degree in Social Work

University of Minnesota, Minnesota, USA

2005 Aromatherapy Certification, Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, Canada

2019  Independent Educational Consultants Association practitioners certification

2020 Heartfulness Meditation Certification, Heartfulness Institute Denmark

2021 Transformation Academy Professional Life Coach Certification

2021 International Federation of Aromatherapists practitioners certification

2022 Brown University School of Public Health Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Certification 

2022 Child Development Institute, California, Certified Developmental Screener 

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