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Family/School Advocacy

& Communication Support

Parents want the best for their children; teachers all want the best for their students. We all want to feel supported and part of a team. Unfortunately, due to cultural or personality clashes, both parents and school representatives sometimes feel the stress of poor communication. As a school employee for over 20 years, Talley can help you understand and respond to the communications from the school, and she will attend meetings with you to help provide support and advocacy for your children. She can also be hired by schools to improve parent communication and school policy. When adults calmly move forward to common ground, children thrive.

Talley also contracts with families, businesses and embassy communities to find the perfect international school for the children of employees working abroad. As the needs and concerns of each family differ,  she will support you in making the right educational decisions for your family by arranging and accompanying you on tours or meetings at schools. She can even visit schools on your behalf prior to your arrival in country. Her vast experience will help you negotiate productive relationships with school personnel (preschool through graduation): heads of school, teachers, learning support specialists, admissions coordinators, and university counselors.


As a fully certified Independent Educational Consultant, she is professional, objective and keeps all correspondence confidential.


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