Be Heard Feel Understood


At all stages of life, it is normal to get ‘stuck’ and need some help. With 19 years of experience in counseling, Mrs. Sjoberg-Varney understands all areas and stages of development, and the particular stresses of being an expat family. Whether social skills, adjustment, anxiety, relationship difficulties or transition to new environments, Mrs. Sjoberg-Varney offers individual and/or group sessions focused on solutions. With a background in play therapy, as well as adolescent health, she can help you to identify the barriers to your happiness and to calmly move forward to a healthier, happier you. She is flexible and can carry out sessions in your home, your child's school, or in her office. She also has a great deal of experience with virtual counseling over Zoom.  A virtual session is appropriate for teenager through adulthood.

Mrs. Sjoberg-Varney sees clients from toddlers through adults. 

Advice/Mental Health Support: Single 50 minute session