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Supporting Leadership to
calmly manage up, not out

Talley is dedicated to creating a positive environment founded on the educational organization's core values. Nothing can damage a school's reputation or disempower leadership more than low staff morale and a lack of clarity around purpose. Talley has years of experience leading staff and supporting administrators during difficult situations. As a professional management and employee coach she effectively addresses the following: 

*New Initiatives/Change Management

*Supporting administrators to identify concerns and solutions in their workforce

*Creating more positive parent/school relationships 

*Conflict resolution and mediation among staff 

*Address and support psycho-social workplace wellness 

*Increase retention among teachers

*Plan and execute targeted professional development  

*Conflict mediation between individuals 

*Develop job descriptions, improvement plans, and drafted correspondence with empathy and professionalism

*Effective intermediary between teachers and leadership 

*Individual & group coaching 

*Improve intergenerational workforce communication

*Support Superintendents, Directors, and Principals in creating a positive workplace culture

*Increase staff productivity

* Communication skills for more effective feedback

People & Culture services are individually priced based on time and travel. Retainer packages are available. 

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