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In addition to earning a Masters Degree in Social Work, Talley earned her aromatherapy certification in Canada in 2005. She earned her meditation certification in 2017.  She has helped, with her organic blends, and holistic supports countless community members with issues ranging from skin conditions and hormonal issues, to low energy, anxiety and increasing focus. Essential oils are not a ‘one size fits all’ craft, and neither are you. She can meet with you and give you an exclusive blend created specifically for your needs and emotional/medical history. 

Aromatherapy is also special in the way that it can give you a different route to support your health.  Learning about Essential Oils is interesting, fun, and improves the quality of life for you and those around you. 

Talley is a licensed aromatherapy educator, and has done Aromatherapy seminars in the United States, China, and throughout Europe. 

She has had a line of products sold in specialty businesses in both North America and Europe since 2005. 

Custom-Made Blends (sold at Brighter Life Center): 25-60 euros

One Aromatherapy Session with Personalized Blend: 45 euros

Trainings/Seminars: fee negotiated based on time and product

Clearly Sage Advice & Organics presented the seminar Effectively Incorporating Holistic Supports in Traditional Counseling Methodology  

at the 2020 International School Counselors Association global conference.

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